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The Sebago Educational Alliance includes the following school districts:

Bonny Eagle, Gorham, RSU 14 (Windham & Raymond), Scarborough,& Westbrook.

The Sebago Alliance, founded in the fall of 2004, is a collaborative of six school districts established as the result of discussions among sixsuperintendents who seek to enhance teaching and learning and attendant educational and business services in their respective district. These superintendents and their colleagues understand that inter-district cooperation and the sharing of expertise, experience, and resources is required to successfully the address the myriad of expectations and requirements emanating from professional judgment, contemporary society, and legislative fiat. Meeting the needs of all children, a charge basic to the responsibilities of public schooling, also requires that this task be met in a fiscally accountable manner.

The Sebago Alliance is a voluntary covenant, sanctioned by the respective district school boards, an agreement of understanding that recognizes, appreciates, and advances the critical importance of collaboration between and among the six respective districts. Each member district retains complete sovereignty and governance, one from the others, rather, on a purely voluntary basis; each district has opted to enter into a collaborative, known as the Sebago Alliance. Each district may or may not choose to participate in the myriad of initiatives, projects, and programs that may be developed and forged by the Alliance.

Each district realizes that there is a need to provide basic funding for the Alliance on an annual basis, monies that will be used to generate and advance the planning and the components that will provide critical educational programs, services and business operations that each district, standing alone, may not be able to do as well, or as cost-effectively.

The parameters of the collaborative as embraced by the Alliance must be comprehensive, focusing on all aspects, which contribute to teaching and learning, and to the services that support that enterprise. The Alliance recognizes that the climate for the improvement and enhancement of public education presupposes that the element of systemic reform must be an integral component of the discourse and the resultant initiatives of the collective engagement of Alliance professionals. Certainly, that focus will include curriculum development, assessment, and analysis; instructional practices; research and theory; alternative and unique programs; professional development; and business and financial services and operations.

The Alliance further recognizes and embraces the importance of working with the University of Southern Maine, the State Department of Education, as well as various organizations and institutions that are dedicated to educational excellence.

Sebago Educational Alliance

CLICK HERE to view a .pdf copy of the Sebago Alliance Strategic Plan (file name = SEAStategicPlan.pdf)

Alliance News......

Dine & Discuss

Each year the Alliance invites school board members and superintendents to a Dine & Discuss.  This event combines opportunities for board members to meet one another, enjoy a meal and hear a speaker share his/her ideas on topics related to education.  We have been fortunate to have the following presenters over the past several years:

Dr. David Silvernail, director of the Center for Education Policy, Applied Research and Evaluation, and professor of research and evaluation at the University of Southern Maine.
Anita Bernhardt, Science Specialist, Maine Department of Education.
Dr. Charles Colgan, Russell Chair in Education and Philosophy at U.S.M. and Professor of Public Policy and Management in the Muskie School where he teaches economics, policy analysis, economic development, and courses in analytic methods.

This year’s Dine & Discuss is scheduled for December 12th and features Steven Bowen, Commissioner of Education, Maine Department of Education. 

Sebago Educational Alliance Goal
Organizational Efficiencies:
To maximize available and desired recourses through the establishment of shared initiatives.

In line with this Sebago Educational Alliance goal, we announce the hiring of Mike Duffy as its Efficiency Coordinator.  The Efficiency Coordinator, working in collaboration with Facilities Directors, Business Managers and Transportation Directors, will make recommendations on the purchase of materials, goods and services in connection to the needs of maintaining operations, with a goal of overall cost reduction and increasing benefits to the individual members and the SEA.  During the 2011-12 school year, Mike will focus on the purchasing of large scale services already being supplied to the member districts such as utility and energy services, HVAC services and property and casualty insurance.  Future plans include:

Workers Compensation Insurance
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Office Supplies

Reviews have begun to evaluate combining the efforts of SAD #6 and RSU #14 in their sewer treatment issues.  Requests are also underway to review the Plumbing/Heating and HVAC costs of the Alliance as well as supplies such as filters and equipment.  Items such as copiers and printers and document storage and retrieval are also under discussion.  For more information, contact Mike.

Contact Information:
Michael Duffy
Efficiency Coordinator
Gorham Municipal Center
75 South Street
Gorham, ME 04038


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Last Modified: Dec 05, 2011
Sebago Alliance serving the schools of Bonny Eagle, Gorham, Windham & Raymond, Scarborough and Westbrook